Patrick Walter founded his eponymous agency for events, communication and design back in 2006. Thanks to his many years of experience as an employee of an automotive corporation, he had acquired extensive knowledge of the structures, needs and requirements of large companies.

While operating the agency, he was able to carry out many successful projects for medium-sized companies and concerns. The large network, valued personal contact to customers, and range of both complete solutions and individual building blocks contributed in particular measure to the agency’s success.

Growing projects and more extensive tasks required greater capacities, however, and thus more personnel. The one-man agency has since become a GmbH, currently with 5 employees. Under the new name PIN1248, we are now dealing with brand communication for all the senses.

PIN1248 – Experience brand communication for all the senses!



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Unfortunately, we do not currently have any vacant positions to offer.
Creative speculative applications are welcome, however.